Artemis Steadicam Rig For Sale


(price includes a 1 day steadicam lesson and a CamWok 2000)

Payment Schedule Available 

This is a great sled, built when Artemis was still with Sachtler and upgraded more than a few times by Curt Schaller, the inventor. It served me well on Goldfinch, Ghostbusters, Stronger, Widows, Shame, Lucifer, Snowfall and a ton of other great shows. Its an amazingly solid sled, wired for both HD and SD, versatile, strong and the gimbal is one of the best I have ever used. It’s been my workhorse for about 10 years and now it’s time for a new owner.


Artemis 1.8” Steadicam Sled w/HD LCD, Green Screen Monitor,  and Extras

 $14950 plus shipping


Compare to Arri Cine Broadcast Sled 


Included in the sale


• Sled/Post/Tool-less Gimbal/3 AB Batt Mounts w telescoping bottom battery rack and fine tune adjust ring

• New PortKeys LCD HD 7" monitor (daylight viewable) w/case

• XCS TB-6 SD Green Screen Monitor (IMHO still the finest monitor you can fly)

• 1 Artemis Docking Bracket

• 2 Preston MDR Brackets

• 1 Fitted Custom Sled Case

• Gimbal adjustment tool

• 2 Steadicam plates

• Cables - Power cables for Panavision, Alexa, DXL2, 4 Pin XLR (2) 

• If you are a newbie to Steadicam, one personalized socially distanced, Steadicam class with this rig, in my backyard, in Los Angeles (you’ll need to supply your own arm and vest and be ok with a dumb dog being annoying). Depending on timing ATL is a possibility as well.



Note: When I purchased this I had Curt wire the power out so that the cables I had for my PRO would work so be aware if having cables made. Cables wired for a standard Artmeis will not work, cables wired for a PRO will work fine. All cables included obviously work with this rig. There are the usual nicks and scratches that come with use but nothing beyond cosmetics. I took one of the red balancing pins off of the dock a few years ago (I can’t recall why) and will include it. Since the center spar slides there is no downside to having it gone.  There is a built in analog level on the back of the upper power section that has lost it's juice so it's not working. One of the onboard battery indicators stopped working a while ago but with batteries having monitors built in this isn't an issue.  Center post is wired for both HD and SD.

What's Not Included in This Sale

• A/B Batteries

• Arm, Vest